Youth Effective January 1st 2018 this program is not available until further notice

Our goal is to create athletes capable of participating in local, state, and national competitions. Our goal is also to provide competitive runners with the tools they need to achieve their highest potential and to provide scholarships to qualified runners based on the availability of club funds. Click here for the Youth Scholarship Eligibility Guidelines

As of January 1st, 2018 this program is not available Our purpose is to help youth become the finest athletes and citizens possible. A youth member is anyone who is age 7 to 17 with determination sufficient to meet our rigorous training schedule (a 1-mile test will be given after one month of training). The supervised training program is offered four evenings each week. The training program is planned for competition in USATF and AUU cross country and track meets. Competing in these meets is not a requirement to be a youth member.

For those who will attend the USATF or AUU meets in addition to the annual membership fee, each youth runner must obtain a USATF or AUU card to compete in their meets ($20/year). All youth will train to compete in events from 800 to 5000 meters.

Transportation to practice and races is the responsibility of each individual athlete. Athletes are responsible for the cost of entry fees to the various races, travel expenses, and their own uniforms. The club has fundraisers that may help with some of these expenses if the athlete meets certain requirements.

Participation in the scholarship program is not a requirement to join as a youth member.